This is The Search Space, a podcast where I interview researchers and practicioners in the field of Logic Programming. Logic Programming, you say? That might sound like either an oxymoron or a tautology to you. If you have heard about Logic Programming before, you are probably thinking about Prolog - a programming language that is almost 50 years old, and which many find fascinating but also frustratingly limited. In the very first episode of this podcast, I interview one of the creators of Prolog, and he has a lot to say about Prolog's limitations and how to overcome some of them. And what many people don't know is that the field of Logic Programming as a whole has evolved a lot over the decades, and there are a bunch of interesting languages and systems that go far beyond the early versions of Prolog. You can follow the podcast and give me feedback on Twitter, @searchspacepod. I hope you’ll join me in discovering the beauty of Logic Programming!
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