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#5 - Kevin Feeney on TerminusDb and the Semantic Web

Kevin Feeney talks about different kinds of graph databases, the role of logic in the Semantic Web vision, the shortcomings the technologies created to fulfill that vision, and how TerminusDb, the database project Kevin co-founded, is seeking to finally make good on the promise of the Semantic Web.

#4 - Markus Triska on constraints and the power of Prolog

Markus Triska talks about his work on Constraint Logic Programming packages, writing robust software, modern features of Prolog systems, and the future of logic programming.

#3 - Chris Martens on narrative generation

Chris Martens talks about using linear logic programming to generate interactive narratives, and various ways to apply logic to games and digital arts.

#2 - Ryan Brush on retaking rules for developers

Ryan Brush talks about Clara, a rules engine written in Clojure, and how to close the semantic gap between specification and implementation.

#1 - The Poet of Logic Programming

An interview with Robert Kowalski, the co-creator of the field of logic programming and of the language Prolog. The conversation ranges over the history of Prolog, the ill-famed Fifth Generation Computer Systems project, the relation between symbolic AI and connectionist AI including deep learning, why rule engines fail at logic, and the future of logic programming. Find show notes and more on thesearch.space, and follow the show on Twitter: @searchspacepod


Felix introduces the podcast and briefly explains what logic programming is.

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