#3 - Chris Martens on narrative generation

Chris Martens talks about using linear logic programming to generate interactive narratives, and various ways to apply logic to games and digital arts.
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Show notes

Chris Martens' academic website


"Programming Interactive Worlds with Linear Logic", Chris' Ph.D. thesis

James Meehan’s, Tale-Spin thesis
"The Metanovel: Writing Stories by Computer"

A great post about the story of Tale-Spin's creation:

The Twelf Project
"a language used to specify, implement, and prove properties of deductive systems such as programming languages and logics"

Linear logic

Jean-Yves Girard

The original paper
(The first sentence begins: "Linear logic is a logic behind logic...")

"A form of logical implication pronounced A lolly B" ... I wish I had a screen to draw on"
Looks like this:  A -o B  (a modified arrow from A to B)


The frame problem

Temporal logic
Event calculus

Pandemic board game
"5% of my design royalty for Pandemic products is donated directly to Doctors Without Borders"
"software simulating environments in which players use text commands to control characters and influence the environment"
"His research focuses on the development of computational models of interactive narrative with applications to computer games, educational and training systems and virtual environments."
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